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April 24, 2020 1 min read

How to Make Natural Styptic Powder

Making styptic powder is simple, inexpensive, and it contains no harmful ingredients. You may even already have the materials on hand.


Yarrow: dried

Cayenne Pepper: dried

Stinging Nettle: dried

Comfrey Root or Leaf: dried

Cinnamon Powder: dried

Turmeric Powder: dried

Bentonite clay


Measure one tablespoon of each ingredient. Use a coffee grinder or spice mill to grind the herbs to a fine powder. Add the clay to the herbs and mix well. Store your styptic powder in a sealed jar to keep moisture out.

To use, apply the styptic powder to the wound and press lightly. The bleeding should stop within a minute or so. If the wound is large or deep, it may take a few tries.

*My favorite herb to stop bleeding is cinnamon powder. Gently apply cinnamon to the wound and it will stop bleeding quickly! But for a mixture to help to kill germs and stop bleeding use the recipe and method above.

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