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How To Trim Your Dog's Nails

Regular nail trims prevent paw injury caused by overgrown nails and are essential to your dog's health. Reluctant owners often oursource a groomer for this chore, but when performed correctly nail trims can be easily done at home by anyone.

You will need a nail grinder. I recommend this nail grinder if your dog is of a small/medium breed. For those with larger dogs or dogs with black nails, this nail grinder with an built-in flashlight will make it easy to locate the quick.


  • They are safe and easy to use.
  • Trim nails quickly at home.
  • Dogs are less scared of them than nail clippers.
  • Save time and money on groomers.
  • Reduce risk of injury from overcutting.
  • Grinders with a built-in flashlight can make it easy to locate the quick.



Clean your dog’s paws and nails, to ensure the quick is easy to see.

STEP 1: Introduce

Accustom your dog to your nail grinder. Turn your grinder on and place it in your dog’s presence so that he/she can sniff it and identify it as harmless. Give your dog a treat and praise for encouragement.

STEP 2: Grind

Select the appropriate head port or remove the black guard over the grinding stone for greater flexibility.

Start grinding the nail at a 45 degree angle starting at the bottom and rounding the nail off at the top. Grind in short intervals. Have a cloth handy to wipe off the nail dust as you go, making visibility clearer.

Stop at least 2mm from the quick or when you see a dark bullseye emerge in the center of the nail from the front view.

STEP 3: Reward

Reward your dog with cuddles, praise and treats to make this a bonding and positive experience!


  • Grind in 5 second intervals to avoid heat build up from friction.
  • If your dog is not keen, trim one nail at a time and build up from there.
  • If your dog has black nails, shine a flashlight to see the quick clearly.