PAWPAL™️ | Biodegradable Waste Bags

It's time to say goodbye to weak plastic bags that tear easily and pollute the environment.  Enjoy stress-free walks with our tough, leak-proof, smell-proof and environmentally friendly bags. Plus you get unbeatable value!

🌱 Earth First: Made from biodegradable cornstarch.

🌱 Free Dispenser: Comes with free leash dispenser.

🌱 Leak-proof: 100% leak-proof guarantee.

🌱 Compact Design: Each roll fits in your pocket!

🌱Ultra Convenient:Handles for easy tying.

🌱 Unbeatable Value: 240 bags total (16 rolls with 15 bags per roll).

🌸 Lavender Scent: Gets rid of overpowering smells.

Bag specifications:

15 microns
Bag size: 9"x13" (23x33cm)